Monday, August 22, 2016

#MicroBlog Mondays: Back To Work

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Can I just say how JEALOUS I am of all of you outside the US that get a whole year off? I firmly believe that more time is needed than the standard 6/8 weeks the US gets. Knowing last year that I was hopefully going to have kids, I saved every ounce of vaca/sick leave I had (b/c that's all I get paid as far as time off) and still only had 7 1/2 weeks paid out of the 10 1/2 weeks I had taken off. So that paycheck everyone else got last week, just means peanut butter and jelly and mac n'cheese for me.

Last week was my 1st full time week back to work after having 10 1/2 weeks off for maternity leave after having twins in June. I'm not sure how I made it through! All the coffee and espresso didn't make a dent.  I had actually started the kids at day care August 1st (part time till last week), so I got that whole sad/I miss them day out of the way. I also wanted to see how my morning were going to be. Turns out I need to be up by 3:30am. Some mornings I've "slept in" till 4am. Like today. I had woken up at 1, and feed them by 2am. Having to get up an hour or 1 1/2 hour later just wasn't going to happen.  I get up, shower (shower meaning hurry up and throw soap on me and maybe get to wash my hair, otherwise its a bun-again, and shaving my legs? ha!), pump, feed babies, feed my face (has to be finger food, right now its ego waffles), get dressed, lets the dogs out, pack bags, change diapers/dress babies and hope they don't spit up all over the place (I've learned now, to always have a 'spit' rag on my shoulders), get them in car seats and out the door my 6:15. I haven't made it out the door by 6:15 yet! Luckily I have an awesome boss who "can't even imagine having two babies at the same time."
And yes I could probably do some of this the night before, but when I have to make a decision on what to do in between feeding sessions -sleep always wins.

Hoping for a smoother week, with more sleep (in my dreams!).

Friday, August 12, 2016

Let's Catch Up Chronicles - Part I

Wow!  . . . . . . .

So hi! I can't believe its been since, wait.. when?  Life completely swooped in took me on a ride and I finally have the time . I have so much to catch you up on, but I'll do it in parts so as not to overwhelm you with a ton of info.

I can tell you right now that the month of April was so completely overwhelmingly busy. From baby/birth/hospital classes, to putting in a TON of time at work to build up my comp time, to running around and trying to finish last min things before babies arrived, and somewhere in there I had my baby shower, that by the way I did almost completely myself b/c my friends and family suck. Yea..  they suck. I mean not ONE of them stepped up to plan anything. I had to ask my friend if I could use her name on the invitations. Isn't that sad? So my hormonal self when into a little depression thinking that no one loved me or cared about me.
Even though my baby shower was thrown by me, myself and I - that just meant I got to control everything - and it was a hit! I've had people to this day tell me how great my shower was. (just by the way it was organized, food, set up, etc). I had rented out a small space at a fire hall, and bought a lot of things on sale b/t micheals and party city. I didn't really have "games" but I had gotten these paint pens to decorate onsies, and it worked out great. I've washed the onsies a ton of times and the paint hasn't faded or gotten over anything. Then I had people write funny quotes on diapers, and then the gift bingo. By the end of April I was 30 weeks already, basically a ticking time bomb. I mean look at me! I am round like a bomb you would find in Mario Brothers.

Taking the classes was fun, it really did prepare me for just about everything - even the birth education classes. I didn't think those videos were gross at all, I cried! The teacher even had a twin birth video to watch just for me. I highly recommended taking classes if your hospital or OB provides them. Yes they cost money, but its was so nice to have information and expectations told me by a professional. All the teachers were either nurses that worked at the hospital or retired. So you were able to separate fact from fiction. I know everyone has their opinions, but I def learned a lot from these classes. I was the only person having twins in the 3 classes that I took.
Side note - I think its weird that people still find it so fascinating when they run into someone with twins. Twins have been all around me for a few years now, so the "shine" has worn off. I mean two of my really good work buddies are twins, I'm the 3rd person in my office to have twins. But I still get "looks" where ever I go. (more on that later).

My shower "look"

Me and my baby daddy. 

May is when I started to have weekly appointments for both high risk and regular OB, every week I had considered myself a champion -I've made it this far, with huge babies in my belly! I was still trying to work as much as I could. Work was so incredibly busy, training two people to take over my tasks' while trying to get as caught up as I could before leaving. Again - ticking time bomb. I needed to be ready to go at any moment and I didn't want to come back to a complete mess.
I was also diagnosed with Cholestasis at week 32. Of course Dr.Google scared the crap outta me. Backing up a second. I had just randomly read a tidbit on one of my apps about abnormal itching all over (starting with the feet and hands). So I mentioned it to my doc about a week and half later and they tested me for this Cholestasis. It's basically when the liver produces to much bile acid for the gull bladder to handle and it leaks into the blood stream. This would affect the babies to where it would be to much for their little liver to handle, and it could make them poop (machonium, sp?) Both of which would result in an emergency c-section. Worst case scenario would be a still born.
I had my blood tested on a Friday, but didn't find out the results till Tuesday- and they wanted additional testing and wanted me to come in "right now" so that my high risk doctor would get the results before wed's appointment. Que the freak out. I wasn't ready yet. That night my husband and I ran around and tried to prepare, packing hospital bags, getting that other car seat, making arrangements for the dogs/cats, etc. I was ready for my high risk to tell me at my appointment wed morning "go straight to L&D."
Turns out my blood levels were 2x the normal rate, but he wanted me to try medicine 1st. My high risk doc was a rock star, he really wanted the best for me and my babies. Because of the Cholestasis, he did want me to go ahead and give birth at 36 weeks. The end is near! The babies looked fine, measuring just perfect with their perfect little heart rates. So I started on the medicine and my levels went down - thank goodness! Later I learned my cousin had this too, diagnosed on a Monday and was induced on Wed.
Week by week I was doing ok, I was really just getting through each day and getting through each week, until week 34. Man!!! It's like a switch turned on and it made everything so hard. I could hardly stand for more than a few minutes. My feet swelled up so bad. I was uncomfy any which way. Heartburn and acid re-flux SO BAD.
36 weeks landed me on June 2nd, so everything was arranged for a scheduled C-Section. You know what? I didn't care any way these babies came to me, just as long as they did. I never had a birth plan (other than I didn't want both a c-sec and a vag).
I worked 2 jobs till 22 weeks, then I worked my main full time job till 35 weeks (May 27th). Funny story. I work on a 3rd floor of our building. My last day of work, a Friday  - they had a fire drill. REALLY? You want me to waddle down three flights of stairs, knowing that my water(s) could break at any second. Really????
I had hoped to get in a lot of rest before June 2nd, but my in-laws were over every day before then. I get they wanted to help. But I was just tired/sore/unbeknownst to me already having contractions (more on this later). She wanted to organize everything (kitchen cabinets, baby stuff, etc), so I just sat in a chair and watched her do things for me. I will say that we got a lot done.
I can remember complaining every night how much pain I was in, how much it hurt when they moved around. How she (baby girl was right on my cervix) was grinding at my hips (later learning those were contractions - duh kim!!). I couldn't have imagined having to make it to 38 weeks. Not without going on a self superscribed bed rest.

In the days before birth, I had gotten to a point where I was really ready. I didn't know how hard it would be, but I knew I could survive it and that I was meant for this. It was a very interesting feeling going to sleep on June 1st, knowing I would wake up the next day and have two babies.

Part II coming soon - -
A little nursery prep. This is the changing table (its a dresser that will fit the pad on top)

Baby girl. Towards the end, we never really got good pictures. This is my only 3d. 

This is how they were positioned, except the bottom baby's head (girl) was on the other side. 

My poor fat feet getting the treatment before giving birth. 

Friday, April 1, 2016


I tried to title this something cute, but I'm just to tired to think. Which is weird, b/c I just took my 1 hour glucose test - so I should be pretty amped up?  No. I can close my eyes and go right to sleep. I was considering going out to my car and taking a cat nap, but recently there have been some homeless people that take naps in the bushes. Not sure how much sleep I'll get then.

Lets see, since last week....

I totally bought my CHAIR! Now just waiting for it to be delivered to the store and we'll pick it up! This is the first thing I bought for the nursery. I'm not sure where we'll put it for right now, seeing as we STILL haven't started on the nursery. I'm getting a little nervous about that, but it will all work out in the end. I'm not to-to worried about it. I know my husband is working his tail off to finishing other projects that also really need done, so I've quit nagging. Its now more like, "what do you plan on working on today...?" Instead of, "you better get shit done today."  lol

Daycare - Please pray that this one works out!!
We've seen my MIL several times since she's said no to watching the kids, and she hasn't brought it up. At.All. So its whatev's.    I did some searching, and ended up with a list of around 60 people to call. Starting in my area where I live, and then the surrounding areas. Every single person that I called (probably about half the list, so 30) did not have 2 infant spots opening. (1 provider can only have 2 infant spots open at one time, infant being 0-23 months). "Oh twins! congrats, good luck with that!" is all I hear back.
BUT! I had contacted a lady on Monday and she did have 2 spots, but wasn't willing to hold them for me till August. Wednesday rolled around and I had gotten in touch with other providers and 2 of them recommended her, and the one lady said that maybe I could work out a deal where I would pay her a certain amount each month as a good faith payment, and then when I do hand the kids over to her then that would be credited back towards the fee's.  So I call her, Mrs. Norma, and she said she wasn't interested and that she already had an interview coming up with another infant mom and that would take up one space. Ok, I said, thanks for your time.
She called back about 20 min later. And asked again when I would need to her to start, August. Hopefully if things continue to go smoothly, it will be the later part of August. She said that the infant she's about to bring on, will turn 2 in June and that would leave the 2 spots open again. So we talked turkey - I agreed to pay her the sum of one child until August (500.00 a month), and when we hand the kids over to her, that 500.00 would have already been 'pre-paid' for one kid, and I would just be paying for the other kid for 5 months. At the end of the day, I would be paying 1,000 a month for daycare. Which it sounds like a lot, but its actually the cheapest I could find and that's just in my area. When you get closer to the city, you're looking at 1,600-1,800 a month. Outrageous!
We're meeting with her this Monday to confirm things, and see her space/set up. I really hope it works out. I would appreciate any prayers.

I had a quick OB apt this past Wed, and Doc was upset with me that I hadn't already done my glucose test. She said I should have done it at 24 weeks b/c of the twin factor. I told her, I was here at 24 weeks, and that doctor said I would do it at 28 weeks, and so far I'm only 27. Which is it?  She wanted me to get it done right away. So I went in this morning (Friday). I was expecting an orange drink from everything I've read, but I got fruit punch. It just tasted like stale juice, but really yucky sweet at the same time. I had to drink it in 5 min, then wait the hour out in the lobby. They said they would only call if I failed, and would need to go in for the 3 hour test. Another prayer request please! I don't think I could ever give up ice cream!!

My day in DC with friends was pretty fun. It was to much for me to walk around all day. I had to take a lot of breaks, but it was very nice to see people I haven't seen in a while. I'll include some pics below.
This weekend, I have GOT to work on my closet and get it organized. I hope I can get it done in a few hours. Take a nap, then head down to northern VA for a birthday cook out for my mom. If I don't go down to see her, I'll never hear the end of it. I just hope that maybe this time around it will be a nicer visit than last.  Then Sunday my DH & I our 1st baby class, Baby Care 101. I'm pretty excited about that.
Monday going to see daycare person.
Wednesday next week is high risk apt, they'll be taking measurements this time so I get to know how big they're getting, etc. And all week next week will have to work long hours to make up all the time missed.
I'm already kind of exhausted! April will be such a busy month, and then all of a sudden I'll be 31 weeks! EEEKK!
I'll probably write again after my high risk ap and will share news about the daycare and see if I get a call back from the OB about the results of my glucose or not.

Hoping y'all have a great weekend ahead and I'll talk to you next week!

Until Then - -

26 Weeks 
Jinx & George <3

National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History
National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History

My Sassie, she loves to lay like this on me. 

Hope Diamond


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Day Is It?

Its hump day!

Just checking in with y'all.  I lived in South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) for awhile, so I have official use of the word y'all - ok? ok!

Not to much has been going on.
Since my last post's, about the "chair" situation - I've just decided to buy the chair myself out right. Waiting for that next paycheck, and it will be mine! It's gotten to the point with my MIL that she has offered to give me her 10 year old lazy boy, that's been her 4 cats chair in the basement- in lieu of buying me the chair I wanted. Thanks but no thanks.  And I haven't really spoken to my mom since that day either. We never really had the best relationship, but I just can not take this kind of stress right now. I'm doing pretty good with this pregnancy, any sort of stress could send me over.

Speaking of MIL's...  my husband and I had some pretty clear indications that she wanted to watch the kids/day care. She had painted rooms in her house, blue and pink, and has dedicated a room downstairs as 'the play room.'    That gives me the impression, your making plans right?  Well apparently not.  I had prompted my husband to start the conversation like "what are your thoughts about watching the kids, think about it.. etc etc."  He waited till we almost left and was like "oh by the way, we were wondering about that babysitter situation..." <deep breath>  men!
We had, what turned out to be a very quick conversation about daycare and she out right said "no I can't do it."
That's it..  just no.
I think my husband was more upset then he led on to be. And I was just pissed off.
I kept nagging my husband for awhile now, that we needed to have the conversation, and I let him lead b/c it was his parents. So I was kind of upset that he/we waiting so long to have this conversation.  So now, I am on the search for day care. Which so far has proved very hard. Its going to be very hard to find a provider with two infant openings and have it be affordable.
So I feel like, I'm slowly getting to that edge again but I'm fighting it really hard.

But on the good news side of things, week 24 I had the fetal fibronectin testing to see if I was at risk for pre-term and/or bed rest. And I passed!  Doctor said that if my cervix measured more than 25 they wouldn't even send the test results in, and my cervix measured 37. And it's because baby girl's head moved away from the cervix.
They will test again at my next apt and get measurements (in about 2 1/2 weeks). And I'll be 28 weeks then. I can't believe how fast time is moving. And we're still not ready. We haven't even started the nursery. I KNOW RIGHT??  <another deep breath>

I had my thyroid apt this morning, as its finally back on the normal scale. And she keeps giving me free samples!

I'm trying to get all my outings with friends in b/t this and next month. I really don't want to have anything planned for the month of May - just in case.
I had lunch with friends this past Saturday that I haven't seen in over a year. The last time I saw these girls, I had just confirmed with the doctor that day that I was pregnant. So how neat it was to see them now, pregnant again.
Saturday I have a day planned in D.C with 2 of my best friends. We're going to the Smithsonian to see the dinosaurs! The cherry blossoms will be out and peak bloom this weekend too. I'll try to take some pictures.
Then Sunday I'm meeting with a potential nanny.  I don't think it will work out just b/c what I'll offer her I just don't think will be enough. But we'll see.
Then it will be Monday again!

Alright, that about does it. I hope everyone is doing well!

Until Then - -

Monday, March 14, 2016

#MicroblogMonday: "The Chair, Part II"

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. -here-

So, a quick little update on last week's entry. Had a chit chat with the husband, and tried to explain a little bit more of where I was coming from and why. He ended up understanding just a tad bit more, but still was questioning why I didn't want a "free" chair.  Our upbringings were different. He's had to work for things in life, yes. But not like me. I know what its like to have 5.00 left in my bank account and only eat mac n'cheese and roman noddles for a month. I've worked 2 jobs on several occasions. I've worked really hard for what and where I am in life. And he just hasn't had to ever do that. I get it.  He had talked to his mom on Monday, and said that I liked both chairs, just that I liked the one at Babies R'us a little more. And that we're going to look around some more just in case. Her response was "oh that's fine! you don't have to pick the one we picked out."  .......  but notice what she didn't say. She didn't say "ok we'll pay for the one she wants."
So this turns me onto my mother. Maybe she'll buy me the chair. So I invite her up for the morning, breakfast and all, and we went to look at the chair. Maybe I can get her to love it and buy it for me.
As soon as she steps in my house and see's what I'm wearing... "you don't want to change? Why don't you put on a nicer top."  Hi, my name is Kimberly and I'm 6 months pregnant with twins. Nice to meet you. I'm wearing maternity yoga pants and a t-shirt with flip flops. But thanks for trying.

I ended up missing a turn and instead of breakfast 1st, we ended up getting to the store first. We get to "the chair" and she only sit's in it for 1.2 seconds and give this look. And ask's me how am I supposed to get up from the chair with two babies.  With my legs mom, just like you get up from any other chair?  She immediately did NOT like the chair. So I of course, I start to cry. She goes on to explain how she can't afford 400.00 (after explaining the chair was on sale for 330.00). So I said, forget it! I'll buy the chair myself. Never mind you and this whole morning. I'm so over this drama with the freaking chair.
I might have not been that nice about it at the time. I did explain in some detail as to what the drama was with the in-laws, just not in detail.
She then wants to see everything I picked out on my registry. I said no... that's why I made a registry. So that you can look at the items at your leisure. I just want to go home at this point. But I pick out some of the larger things that I can remember. We get to the diapers and she ask's me if I would like a diaper service.  A what? A diaper service, where they come once a week and pick up your dirty diapers.    No mom, I seriously doubt they have something like that in the country. (She lives near DC, so I'm almost positive there is such a service there).  So I asked her, you'd pay for a diaper service, but you wont pay for a chair?
Let me insert the conversation we had on the way to the store now. She ask's me if there was anything she can start buying. like onsies, etc.   I said to her, "you mean to tell me that I'm almost due to give birth, and you haven't bought.... anything??  Not one thing?   "well no..."
{meanwhile my in-laws have already dedicated ROOMS (plural) to my kids. Even my father (if you've read previous post's) has been more responsive that my own mother}
Let's also insert the fact that she's going to FL to visit my brother next week. This will be her 3rd trip down there since he's moved last summer.
So...  you can afford to go to FL 3x, yet you can't afford to buy me a chair. And you haven't bought anything for your impending grandchildren.

It was just terrible. She says to me "now I have a story to tell your aunt about how I made you cry.. just like she made her daughter cry.."    huh??
Oh yea, and remind me to get candy for your cousin.   (candy for my cousin in IRELAND, yet buying nothing for me...)
Baby boy moved just a bit and she see's my hand is on my belly. She proceeds to reach across the table  (over food and drinks) to try and touch my belly.  In the middle of the restaurant.
Mom, no, you can't do that. Now is not the time.  And she looked as if she wanted to cry.
He wasn't moving consistently, maybe just readjusting and going back to sleep. And you have to kind of press on the belly still, not just slightly touching reaching over a table!!!
She mentions the fact that she wants to go back to the mall to go shopping for some outfits for her trip to FL. I begrudgingly drive back to the mall. She's floating around looking at stuff, my feet are starting to swell and I'm getting really uncomfortable. I tell her this, and she says "oh there's a chair in the dressing rooms..."   >deep breath<
I forgot to mention, she opened zero doors for me or doots on me in anyway.

On the way home, I ask if I can give her some baby shower invitations so she can mail out to her side of the family.
"oh no... I really shouldn't do that. your aunt said I shouldn't be involved with anything baby shower related, do mom's even come to those things."
Mom, you can't mail out a few invites for me, to help me? I have to turn this thing around in less than a month, you can't help me?"
"No, I really shouldn't, but I can get you labels! yes let me get you labels!"  
No mom, I don't want your labels, can you at least give me the addresses then?  As she proceeds to shout out the addresses (we're in my drive way now, me at the door and her getting into her car). No mom! just EMAIL ME THE ADDRESSES.

Door closes, and I completely lose it. I'm so angry. What is wrong with my mother?  I ended up getting a major migraine the rest of the day and into the wee hours of the night.

I've decided I'm kind of over her right now. I can't have this sort of stress right now. My husband and I decided just to get the chair, I'll pay half and he'll pay half (cause we don't want to reach into our savings just yet).